Troublesome Trucks



Release Date

November 2 2012

Railway Series Book

James the Red Engine

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Troublesome Trucks is the seventh episode of the seventh season.


James felt very sad about how he has made a hole in one of the coaches that needed to be mended with a newspaper and the passenger's bootlace. He wasn't allowed to push any coaches or trucks in the yard. But the Fat Controller calms James down and told him not to do these bad things again. James regrets and understood what The Fat Controller told him. The Fat Controller sees that James understands and so he asks him to pull trucks for him. James felt so happy and puffed away to fetch the trucks.

James was at the yards waiting for the trucks. When Thomas bring the trucks, he teases James about the bootlaces and runs away, laughing. The trucks teases James about his red paint. They think he is a red monster who biffs the trucks. James takes no notice and pulls the trucks out of the station. He orders the trucks to come, but they didn't want to come.

The trucks tried hard to make him give up, but James ignores them and pulls them along the line. When they reach Gordon's Hill, his driver warns him to be careful. James tries so hard but complains that he would never reach the top of the hill. Then the coupling broke and half of the trucks went back down the hill. Then they stopped at the bottom of the hill, where the guard gets out to warn approaching engines.




The Railway Series - Troublesome Trucks

The Railway Series - Troublesome Trucks