Toby is the no.7 brown tram engine,


  1. Season 1 - Mavis and the Lorry, Toby's Seaside Holiday, Crossed Lines (mentioned), and Drip Tank
  2. Season 2 - Scrambled Eggs (does not speak) and Toby's Megatrain
  3. Season 3 - Domeless Engines (cameo), Hullo Twins (cameo), Thomas and the Evil Diesel, and The Runaway (does not speak)
  4. Season 4Light Work (cameo), Diesel's Big Idea (cameo), and Winter Mischeif (cameo)
  5. Season 5 - Sitting Ducks (cameo), Henry Sees Red (cameo), and Bull's Eyes
  6. Season 6 - Resource and Sagacity (cameo) and Donald's Duck (cameo)
  7. Season 7 - Percy's Porridge (cameo), Toby and the Stout Gentleman, and Dirty Objects
  8. Season 8 - Thomas in Trouble
  1. Season 9 - New Beginnings, Old Tricks

Gallery Edit

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