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February 17th 2015

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Edward, Gordon and Henry

The Sad Story of Henry is the first episode of the fifteenth season

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It is a very rainy day on Sodor and a green engine named Henry is pulling some coaches full of passengers. He runs into a tunnel and stops, unwilling to go any further.

Henry's driver and fireman argue with him but he refuses to come out, claiming that the rain would spoil his green paint with red stripes. The guard blows his whistle and waves his flag, but Henry instead blows steam at him.

Just then, an important man arrives in another train; it is the Fat Controller, who is in charge of all the engines of Sodor. He decides that Henry be pulled out of the tunnel. Attaching a rope to Henry, all the passengers try and pull him except for the Fat Controller, citing that it is his doctor's orders. But Henry does not move, moving to the other end of the tunnel, the passengers try to push Henry out but with the same results.

Thomas arrives to help and the passengers try telling Henry that the rain has stopped. Henry still refuses to move, believing the rain will begin again soon, so Thomas tries to push Henry out, but even with another engine pushing, Henry remains in the tunnel. Soon, the Fat Controller admits defeat and having had enough of the engine's selfishness tells Henry that he is going to get what he wanted. Soon, the rails are taken up and a brick wall is built in front of Henry.

All Henry is able to do now, is watch the other engines pass through the other tunnel. Henry soon regrets his actions, as he sees Edward and Gordon run by. Edward always toots hello with his whistle, while Gordon always laughs saying it serves him right. Henry has no steam to answer them because his fire goes out. And the soot and dirt from the tunnel ruins his green paint with red stripes, anyway. Henry is now left in the tunnel cold, lonely, and very sad. He now wonders if he will ever be allowed to pull trains again.

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  • Stock footage from Leaves used

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The Railway Series - The Sad Story of Henry

The Railway Series - The Sad Story of Henry