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Britt Allcroft and thebladezmanll

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Screenshot Episode title Release date Episode number #
ThomasandtheTrucks14 Thomas and the Trucks May 31st 2015 #01
Thomas and Edward agree to swap jobs. However, Edward's train consists of trucks, which love to play tricks.
[[File:|185px|link=The Torch Comes to Sodor]] The Torch Comes to Sodor June 7th 2015 #02
[[File:|185px|link=Sleeping Beauty]] Sleeping Beauty July 2nd 2015 #03
MuseumPiece8 Museum-Piece July 4th 2015 #04
[[File:|thumb|left|185px|link=Golden Jubilee]] Golden Jubilee July 10th 2015 #05
[[File:|185px|link=Edward and the Cabbages]] Edward and the Cabbages July 15th 2015 #06
[[File:|185px|link=Sir Handel'sPlan2.png]] Sir Handel's Plan July 23rd 2015 #07
Oliver'sFind68 Oliver's Find July 26th 2015 #08
[[File:|185px|link=Haunted Henry]] Haunted Henry August 5th 2015 #09
[[File:|185px|link=The Odd Bridge]] The Odd Bridge August 11th 2015 #10
[[File:|185px|link=The Regatta]] The Regatta August 17th 2015 #11
[[File:|185px|link=Puff Puff Pastry]] Puff Puff Pastry August 30th 2015 #12
Percy is complaining when he is restricted to one washdown a day, but he gets even dirtier than ever when he takes the load of chocolate to the chocolate powder.
[[File:|185px|link=No More Sleep for You, Cranky!]] No More Sleep for You, Cranky! September 11th 2015 #13
[[File:|185px|link=Teething Troubles]] Teething Troubles September 23rd 2015 #14
[[File:|185px|link=I Name this Engine...]] I Name this Engine... October 4th 2015 #15