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Britt Allcroft and thebladezmanll

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Screenshot Episode title Release date Episode number #
TheSadStoryOfHenry29 The Sad Story of Henry February 17th 2015 #01
Henry has discovered that it was raining. He was so afraid that he went into the tunnel and refused to come out, as he was thinking that the rain would spoil his paint.
EdwardGordonAndHenry54 Edward, Gordon and Henry February 17th 2015 #02
Gordon went very fast with the express, but suddenly he has burst his safety valve in front of the tunnel. Then Henry has been let out of the tunnel to help Edward pull the train.
[[File:|185px|link=Dirty Water]] Dirty Water February 25th 2015 #03
[[File:|185px|link=Avalanche]] Avalanche March 3rd 2015 #04
[[File:|185px|link=Centenary]] Centenary March 8th 2015 #05
[[File:|185px|link=Rabbits]] Rabbits March 14th 2015 #06
[[File:|185px|link=Overhaul]] Overhaul March 19th 2015 #07
[[File:|185px|link=Trouble on the Train]] Trouble on the Train April 5th 2015 #08
[[File:|185px|link=Percy and the Ram]] Percy and the Ram April 9th 2015 #09
Percy was tired of the smell of fish and heads off to Tidmouth, and the Fat Controller announced to have a best station competition, the next day, Percy meets up a ram who manages to help out when a station is trashed.
[[File:|185px|link=Old Slow Coach (Episode)]] Old Slow Coach April 12th 2015 #10
[[File:|185px|link=Thomas and the Swan]] Thomas and the Swan April 25th 2015 #11
[[File:|185px|link=Buffer Bashing]] Buffer Bashing May 3rd 2015 #12
[[File:|185px|link=Eels on Wheels]] Eels on Wheels May 6th 2015 #13
YouCan'tWin70 You Can't Win May 14th 2015 #14
[[File:|185px|link=Daisy (Episode)]] Daisy May 20th 2015 #15