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Britt Allcroft and thebladezmanll

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Screenshot Episode title Release date Episode number #
[[File:|185px|link=Bad Look Out]] Bad Look Out August 26th 2014 #01
Mavis redeems herself after Toby's trucks push him onto an unsafe bridge.
[[File:|185px|link=The Engines and The Three Horrid Lorries]] The Engines and The Three Horrid Lorries September 4th 2014 #02
[[File:|185px|link=Figure in the Tunnel]] Figure in the Tunnel September 13th 2014 #03
Crosspatch2 Crosspatch September 13th 2014 #04
Skarloey tells Nancy all about his adventure
[[File:|185px|link=Thomas and the Hurricane]] Thomas and the Hurricane September 21st 2014 #05
TheJetEngine1 The Jet Engine October 1st 2014 #06
DuckandDukes3 Duck and Dukes October 9th 2014 #07
Peter Sam was very excited that Duke is coming to Skarloey and Rheneas's 100th birthday, but was so worried that Duck says that Duke is only a man.
Bulldog28 Bulldog October 18th 2014 #08
PercyandHarold4 Percy and Harold October 19th 2014 #09
TendersandTurntables6 Tenders and Turntables October 27th 2014 #10
Gordon and James had lots of trouble on the turntable.
TroubleintheShed5 Trouble in the Shed October 27th 2014 #11
The big engines went on strike because they refuse to shunt like common tank engines, so The Fat Controller decided to buy Percy to help.
[[File:|185px|link=The Ghost Runs at Midnight]] The Ghost Runs at Midnight October 30th 2014 #12
[[File:|185px|link=Danger Points]] Danger Points November 9th 2014 #13
[[File:|185px|link=Cranky Bugs]] Cranky Bugs November 15th 2014 #14
[[File:|185px|link=Bulgy (episode)]] Bulgy (episode) November 18th 2014 #15