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Britt Allcroft and thebladezmanll

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Screenshot Episode title Release date Episode number #
BadLookOut2 Bad Look Out August 26th 2014 #01
Mavis redeems herself after Toby's trucks push him onto an unsafe bridge.
ScrambledEggs14 The Engines and The Three Horrid Lorries September 4th 2014 #02
TrustThomas1 Trust Thomas September 13th 2014 #03
Crosspatch2 Crosspatch September 13th 2014 #04
Skarloey tells Nancy all about his adventure
[[File:|185px|link=Thomas and the Hurricane]] Thomas and the Hurricane September 21st 2014 #05
TheJetEngine1 The Jet Engine October 1st 2014 #06
DuckandDukes3 Duck and Dukes October 9th 2014 #07
Peter Sam was very excited that Duke is coming to Skarloey and Rheneas's 100th birthday, but was so worried that Duck says that Duke is only a man.
Bulldog28 Bulldog October 18th 2014 #08
PercyandHarold4 Percy and Harold October 19th 2014 #09
TendersandTurntables1 Tenders and Turntables October 27th 2014 #10
Gordon and James had lots of trouble on the turntable.
TroubleintheShed5 Trouble in the Shed October 27th 2014 #11
The big engines went on strike because they refuse to shunt like common tank engines, so The Fat Controller decided to buy Percy to help.
CrossedLines29 The Ghost Runs at Midnight October 30th 2014 #12
CrossedLines41 Danger Points November 9th 2014 #13
OldStuckUp1 Cranky Bugs November 15th 2014 #14
Bulgy(episode)3 Bulgy (episode) November 18th 2014 #15