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Britt Allcroft and thebladezmanll

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This is about Season 10.


Screenshot Episode title Release date Episode number #
Duncan Gets Spooked October 2nd 2013 #01
Duncan gets teased about being afraid of the ghost from the Old Iron Bridge.
Down the Mine October 7th 2013 #02
Thomas fells down the mine, just after he teased Gordon about the time that he had fallen in the ditch.
Percy's Promise October 10th 2013 #03
Percy travels through the terrible storm and he keeps his promise to take the children home safely.
Tenders for Henry October 17th 2013 #04
Rheneas runs the Skarloey Railway by himself.
Mind That Bike October 25th 2013 #05
Tom Tipper the postman is unhappy when his post van is replaced by a bicycle, and Percy helps him out, but not in the way he intended.
Double Header November 4th 2013 #06
James does Gordon's work, but is being humble after he had to push Toby to the Works Station.
Thomas Goes Fishing November 13th 2013 #07
Thomas wants to go fishing.
Henry and the Elephant November 19th 2013 #08
After a circus leaves, Henry discovers an elephant in a tunnel.
TheFatController'sEngines54 The Fat Controller's Engines November 25th 2013 #09
The Fat Controller's Engines are going to England,
Special Funnel November 25th 2013 #10
Peter Sam's funnel has been knocked by an icicle from the tunnel roof and now has been converted into a drain.
Thomas Comes to Breakfast December 5th 2013 #11
Thomas crashes into the dining room of the Ffarquhar stationmaster's house and given him and his family a very nasty surprise.
Bowled Out December 5th 2013 #12
A stuck-up diesel makes a fool of himself, and Duck and Stepney save the day.
Train Stops Play December 9th 2013 #13
Stepney "catches" a cricket ball in a truck, prompting a chase along the branch line.
Better Late Than Never December 13th 2013 #14
Thomas got held up by the viaduct being repaired and so Bertie teases Thomas about being late, until he breaks down.
Percy and the Signal December 19th 2013 #15
Percy plays tricks on James and Gordon but decided to stay away for a while to get himself out of trouble. But when he is asked to take a train to Knapford he gets careless and for revenge, James and Gordon trick Percy into misreading a signal.


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