Percy is the no.6 green saddletank engine,


  1. Season 1 - Smokescreen (cameo), Mavis and the Lorry (does not speak), Toby's Seaside Holiday (does not speak), Gordon Proves his Point (cameo), Crossed Lines (cameo), Fire Escape (cameo), High-Speed Gordon (cameo), Old Stuck Up (cameo), Fire Engine (cameo), and Drip Tank
  2. Season 2 - Deep Freeze (cameo), The Missing Coach (cameo), Scrambled Eggs (does not speak), Toby's Megatrain, Triple Header, and Gordon Goes Foreign (cameo)
  3. Season 3 - Breakvan (cameo), Domeless Engines (cameo), Hullo Twins (cameo), Gordon's Whistle, Thomas and the Evil Diesel, Percy and the Trousers, and The Runaway (does not speak)
  4. Season 4 - The Deputation, Pop Goes the Diesel (cameo), A Blast from the Past, Light Work, Diesel's Big Idea (cameo), Passengers and Polish (cameo), James and Murdoch, and Winter Mischeif
  5. Season 5 - Sitting Ducks (cameo), Rusty to the Rescue (does not speak), Henry Sees Red (cameo), Out of Puff (cameo), Stepney's Special, Bull's Eyes (cameo), Gallant Old Engine (cameo), and Steamroller (cameo)
  6. Season 6 - Oliver in Charge (does not speak), Bright Spark (cameo), Ballast (cameo), Resource and Sagacity, and Donald's Duck (cameo)
  7. Season 7 - A Close Shave (cameo), Percy's Porridge, Dirty Objects, and Off the Rails
  8. Season 8 - Toad Stands By and He's Always Late! (cameo)
  9. Season 9 - Desperate Measures and Old Tricks
  10. Season 10Down the Mine (music video cameo), Percy's Promise, Tenders For Henry (cameo), Mind That Bike, Double Header (does not speak), Thomas Goes Fishing (music video cameo),
  11. Season 26 - Percy episode