Edward and Gordon


Karagoz Gucer

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The Three Railway Engines

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January 10 2016

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 Edward and Gordon is the first episode of the eighteenth season

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Edward is an old, blue engine, and was feeling sad, as he had not been out in a long time. The other engines that lived in Tidmouth Sheds with Edward told him the driver would not choose him, making Edward even more depressed, but the driver and fireman saw that he was upset, and they chose him over the other engines. Edward had a wonderful day pulling coaches. The coaches were very proud and impressed with Edward, as was his crew. He went back to the sheds that evening, and fell fast asleep.

Next morning, Gordon was bragging to Edward. He told the old engine to watch him rush by with the express that afternoon. Edward ignored him and went to shunt trucks in the yard. Edward loved shunting; he would biff the trucks, and they would scream in horror.

Edward worked very hard all day. That afternoon, he went for a rest on a siding. Presently, he heard Gordon's whistle. But instead of coaches, the express engine was pulling a line of dirty trucks. Gordon moaned as he slowly pulled a dirty goods train. He soon began to climb a hill, and stopped halfway up. Edward was soon called to be Gordon's banker. The big blue engine did not think that little old Edward could do it, but he pushed all the same. Up the hill went the train all the while Gordon kept on saying, "I can't do it, I can't do it, I can't do it!" But to Gordon's surprise, they did make it to the top. Gordon thundered away, cheering for himself, leaving Edward far behind without even waiting to say thank you to him. Very sad and out of breath, Edward slowly ran into a siding at Maron station, where his driver and fireman give him a long drink and promises to reward him a new coat of blue paint with red stripes.

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The Railway Series Edward and Gordon-0

The Railway Series Edward and Gordon-0