Duck is the no.8 green Great Western tank engine.


  1. Season 1 - Crossed Lines, High-Speed Gordon (cameo), Old Stuck Up (cameo), and Drip Tank (cameo)
  2. Season 2 - The Missing Coach (does not speak), Triple Header, and Gordon Goes Foreign
  3. Season 3 - Domeless Engines, Thomas and the Evil Diesel, Little Old Twins (cameo), and The Runaway (does not speak)
  4. Season 4 - The Deputation, Pop Goes the Diesel, A Blast from the Past, Light Work (cameo), Dirty Work, Diesel's Big Idea (cameo), James and Murdoch, and Winter Mischeif (does not speak)
  5. Season 5 - Sitting Ducks, Henry Sees Red (cameo), Little Western, and Stepney's Special (does not speak)
  6. Season 6 - Oliver in Charge (cameo), Ballast, Resource and Sagacity, Skarloey Remembers (cameo), and Donald's Duck
  7. Season 7 - A Close Shave and Percy's Porridge (does not speak)
  8. Season 8 - Edward's Exploit, Mike's Whistle (does not speak), and Toad Stands By
  9. Season 9 - Desperate Measures (mentioned), Limits, Tolerance, Old Tricks, Sir Handel (music video cameo), Percy's Predicament (music video cameo), Duck Takes Charge
  10. Season 10 - Down the Mine (music video cameo)Percy's Promise (music video cameo)Tenders for Henry, Mind That Bike, (cameo),