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February 4 2014

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Edward the Blue Engine

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Cows is the eight episode of the eleventh season.


Edward is one of the oldest engine on the Island of Sodor because his parts were worn-out for clanking as he runs. One bright and sunny day, Edward is taking some cattle trucks to a nearby market town. The trucks are making a lot of noise, as is Edward by this point. On the line is a field where some cows were grazing. The noise and smoke produced by Edward and the trucks disturbs the cows as they are not used to it. As Edward passes by, a number of cows broke the fence, ran across the line and broke the coupling, caused a truck, the brake van, and the guard to be left behind. Edward, believing the jerk to be the trucks getting up to mischief, continues on his journey, clueless about the mishap. It isn't until Edward gets to the next station that either he or his driver realise what happened.





The Railway Stories - Cows!

The Railway Stories - Cows!