Bowled Out


Thomas Wooden Remake. 222

Release Date

December 5 2013

Railway Series Book

Stepney the Bluebell Engine

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Bowled Out is the twelfth episode of the tenth season.


The Big Diesel came to The Fat Controller's Railway. He was being very insulted and claiming the engines to be out of date.

The engines were very furious and they all had an indingnation meeting around the turntable next morning, thinking of how they could pay the diesel out for how rudely he is talking to the engines. But they had no need to do that at all. Next morning, when the engines are at work, the diesel has sucked the inspector's bowler hat through his air-intake vent and shows Duck and Stepney how they could get closer to the express. But suddenly breaks down and stopped.




The Railway Stories - Bowled Out

The Railway Stories - Bowled Out