Bluebells of England



Release Date

January 25 2016

Railway Series Book

Stepney the Bluebell Engine

Previous Episode

Gordon's Fire Service

Next Episode

Old Square Wheels

Bluebells of England is the third episode of eighteenth season.

Plot Edit

Percy is singing about bluebells when Douglas comes up and tells him that his song is daft. Percy is cross, and tells him about the "Bluebells of England". He then goes on to inform Douglas that Stepney is coming to Sodor, when Stepney suddenly arrives and the two welcome him with a chorus of whistles.

Characters Edit

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Video Edit

RWS TV Remakes - Stepney the 'Bluebell' Engine - Bluebells of England-0

RWS TV Remakes - Stepney the 'Bluebell' Engine - Bluebells of England-0

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